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A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies

the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.



a notice or announcement in a public medium

promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy.

Sydney Skyline - History of Advertisement




Even before 4000BCE humans have been creating advertisements.

Papyrus was used by the Egyptians, the Greeks & by ancient Rome to advertise political messages & spread the news on lost & found. In modern terms, this is the COPY.

11th to 7th Century BCE ancient China used songs to sell Candy. Today, this it is called a JINGLE

In the middle ages, Europeans associated symbols with professions. A shoe symbol represented a cobbler etc . Centuries later we have embraced it as GRAPHICS / ARTWORK

The industrial revolution popularized the use of PHOTOGRAPHS in Advertisements & in 1941 we saw the first TV ADs ( VIDEO ).

Newspaper, Magazines, Radio & Television are the platforms while Artwork, Photos, Videos & Jingles became the medium through which we created the Advertisements.

Enter 21st Century....... Internet changed everything.


Did you realize every time you create a Website, Facebook Post, Instagram Story, Whatsapp forward, Tweet, Youtube Channel, Tiktok message you are creating an ADVERTISEMENT with one or more media ( Artwork, Photos, Videos & Jingles ) ?

Don't you want these ADVERTISEMENTS to best represent YOU / BRAND / COMPANY?

At Petrichor Innovations our core value is to create Images & Photos so that you get quality leads.

Our LEAP program will jump-start your Marketing Campaign with good quality Media.

L- Leverage Videos : Branding Films, Testimonials, Youtube Creator Space

E - Environmental Portraits : Pics of the Founding Team, Facility, Services, Process & More.

A - Architecture : Showcase of spaces.

P - Campaign shoots for your Products

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