why video?

Did you know that the AESOP fables are from 500BC? The stories AESOP told were not printed till 200BC. That's the power of storytelling. If you get it right, you don't even have to put it down on any media. It will be told forever.

Our goal at Petrichor Innovations is to tell your BRAND / YOUR STORY in such a powerful manner that it goes viral. Just like the AESOP tales.There are many types of stories but we like to concentrate on ....

BRANDING FILMS : A small film about who you are, what you do,what makes you different from competition, what problems do you solve put together in a tiny package.

CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: Reviews are one of the best way to judge products & services.A well articulated review can be powerful.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL : Subject experts, who love to share knowledge should consider this format. It is a great way to build a Brand.

youtube channel

We are helping a Career counseling & Guidance professional, Pooja Iyer with her youtube channel. We have helped her with the idea, script and produced these videos at our studio in Kumarapark.